The Saskatchewan Command Jacket

The Saskatchewan Command Jacket is now available for purchase for only $40.00 plus tax and shipping.

  • They are black with gray sections that are breatheable, with “Saskatchewan Legion” embroidered on the top left.
  • The front pockets have zippers, and there is one “secret” pocket inside on the left.
  • There is a ventilated slit at the back, which is closed with velcro.
  • It is a lightweight, machine washable, polyester shell with Outer Boundary “SMARTech” technology that is designed to detect and respond to specific conditions.
  • They fit true to size.
  • Available in men’s sizes S to XXL, and women’s sizes S to XL.

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And don’t forget to also buy your Saskatchewan Command pin for only $3, plus tax.

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To buy yours, contact us today!