Legion National Youth Track and Field Championships 2015



Payne Wylie                                        200 m Hurdles 25.24              U16                 Bronze

Vaughn Taylor                                    100 m Hurdles 13.75               U16                 Bronze

Vaughn Taylor                                    300 m Hurdles 35.41               U16                Gold (A Record!)

Vaughn Taylor                                    800 Metre 1:59.59                   U16                 Silver

Holly Murray                                      80 m Hurdles 11.99                 U16                 Bronze

Jae Evans                                           Long Jump 7.01 m                  U18                    Silver

Jae Evans                                           High Jump 1.96 m                   U18                  Bronze

Ope Adelugba, Jansen Ziola, Kendra Farmer, Olivia Lawrence:

4 x 100 m Girls Relay 48.30  U18                   Bronze

Ope Adelugba                                     Long Jump 5.75 m                   U18                 Silver

Ope Adelugba                                     Triple Jump 11.77 m                U18                 Bronze

Emily Coghill                                      Heptathlon    5.19 m               U18                 Silver



Annual Track & Field Camp 2015


Track & Field Camp Poster 2014

National Legion Track & Field Camp 2014

The national legion track and field camp was held in Langley, B.C. this past august. Athletes from across the country gather at this legion sponsored camp to perfect their track and field skills and gain experience in events they wish to specialize in. A great time was had by all.