Cadet Medal of Excellence 2015

Congratuations to the following cadets for having been chosen for the 2015 Legion Cadet Medal of Excellence:


Cadet WO Logan LEWIS                        2815 Naicam RCACC             Naicam SK

Cadet Sgt. Nathan PERRY                      2357 Battleford RCACC         North Battleford SK

Cadet MCPL Madison ALLBERG         2293 NSKR RCACC               Saskatoon SK

Cadet MWO Rylan MCLENNAN          328 RCACC (Medical)            Saskatoon SK

Cadet Sgt. Pierre SEMENCHUK            328 RCACC (Medical)            Saskatoon SK

Cadet WO John ANASARIAS               2271 Pipestone RCACC          Wadena SK



Cadet PO1 Randi WARD                        346 RCSCC Saskatchewan      Fort Qu’Appelle SK

Cadet CPO2 Charity GAREAU              118 RCSCC Rawalpindi          Prince Albert SK

Cadet CPO1 Aida EMAHA                    43 RCSCC Impregnable          Regina SK



Cadet F/Sgt. Geoffrey MASSIE              300 Fisher RCACS                  Biggar SK

Cadet F/Sgt. Gavin WALTER                 Moose Mountain Air Cadets    Carlyle SK

Cadet F/Sgt. Avery PHIPPS                    20 Freedom Fighter                  Gravelbourg SK

Cadet Sgt. Justin ARENAS                     752 Ed Campbell                      Melville SK

Cadet F/Sgt. Riley DYCK                       190 RCACS                             Nipawin SK

Cadet Sgt. Dylan SCHEERSCHMIDT   675 Bow Valley Air Cadets     Oxbow SK

Cadet WO2 Jack GEHRING                   41 Hercules SQN                     Regina SK

Cadet F/Sgt. Luke TOWERS                   34 Roland J. Groome               Regina SK

Cadet WO1 Hayden HODGES               605 “Tarry” RCACS                Swift Current SK

Cadet Sgt. Jay SHAH                              107 Spitfire RCACS                Saskatoon SK


A total of 19 out of a possible 20 medals have been awarded and branches have been contacted so medals can be presented on the annual inspection dates. Inspection dates are May and June 2015.